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Contour 1080p

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Meh. Had Problems with my Contour 1080p. The camera for an active lifestyle. Luckily i don’t have one and usually just film with it because it’s pretty small. But it wasn’t working. And i didn’t realize until I not recorded kinda some cool swimming in the rain while slightly tipsy with a few cans of good ol‘ Tiger Beer. First I assumed it was the underwater casing I have. But that wasn’t the problem.

So I googled it. And first hits were actually on the Contour support page. Other people had the same problem. What amazed me where the contour support guys giving good advice and actually saying: If the self-help doesn’t do the trick – send it in and we’ll fix it for you / we’ll send you a new one.

Now that’s what I call customer service. I got my camera to work again (firmware upgrade did the trick in the end) and it’s also working in the underwater casing. Best thing was that thought in my head knowing I could always just send them the Camera. Made the re-install less stressful. *thumbs up*

now the next thing: tie it to my remote controlled rc and let it fly 🙂