Bitcoin – what’s it about?

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Okay. Read about Bitcoins today. Seems to be a really interesting thing. Electronic currency. While I would normally think quite low of something like this, the article I read in German Spiegel Magazine made me prick my ears up.

Tonight we had quite a heated discussion about the whole system and C. challenged me to see if I actually trusted the system enough to invest in it. Challenge accepted.

I’ll do by some step by step blogging while I figure out the process.

Okay. Googled for Bitcoin and got directed to and downloaded the client.

opened client and it looks like this.

in the bitcoint window there’s my bitcoin address. which if I understand it correctly is connected directly with that programme running on my computer. Basically like saying: that programme is the wallet I keep lying around. the address is one of the compartments in the wallet, where I put all my euro bills.

If I see correctly I can add additional compartments to this programme. If I understand correclty I can only see the balance not who I got it from. So it could be a bit like those boring accounting lessons at university where I had one account for investments, one for employee payment one for paying of interest etc. (buchungskreise in german).

okay. next step. How do I get my Euros with the internets?

click on „What is Bitcoin“ on the webpage. this will direct you to

looks slightly nicer / user orientated that …. okay… i want money… let’s klick on getting started.

ooooh: Free bitcoins. that’s nice…. Damn. Looks like bitcoin faucet is not working.…. yes. actually some people in my neigbourhood. Mainly Hamburg and one guy in Lübeck.

bitcoin market is slightly chaotic to the first glance but mt. gox seems nice. let’s give it a try. registered. let’s buy.

Let’s buy 5 Bitcoins…. I slightly readjusted the bitcoin usd:exchange rate. nice. that will be 42 usd. I like that number. i’ll go with normal mode, because as of now I have no idea what a dark pool is.

okay. click on „buy bitcoins“… ah. not enough usd in the account. let’s buy some then. hm… all complicated. let’s see if there is some way to charge my credit card directly and be able to play around some.

Okay. Some oggline and googling around, it seems I can’t do a creditcard 2 bitcoin transaction. What I can do is bitcoin 2 creditcard… So I can get the money out of the system but not in…..

I guess this concludes my test for tonight. I found a guy in france who accepts transfers via Euro-Accounts. Give that a try on thursday. public holiday and all 🙂


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