Anything is possible!

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Nice Video from Southsidebase, Germany – Awesome!


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Company summer fest last friday: Redecorating a room for a good cause (check), having way to many drinks (check) and having a bit of luck at the rental lottery – actually they had given me a vw passat, but a colleauge needed a car with 4 seats, so he traded me his TT… nothing I’d buy, but at least I have that of the list of cars to drive ^-^

then flew over to england the next day, three hours of sleep and then a shoddy little turboprop – bumpy ride, jeez, felt like shit, but then I guess I deserved that 🙂 Got an upgrade, rented a Corsa, got a Golf GTI – which I had in better recollection power wise, but I guess coming from a bmw 3 series and just from a TT, it’s kind of the same leauge, needless to say… still better than a corsa. in the evening Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Live Radio Show with original cast back from the days. that was pretty sweet and lots of fun. ( and the next evening back to germany – last people to board, plane started moving before we even sat down! awesome timing!

Dashimaki Tamago – My own turn

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After Isnochys challenged me to record my omelette making attempt: Here is the according video. Astonishing how easy it actually is to use that pan. I even gave it a second try on saturday and made some pancakes out of it. Still need some adjusting on the heat, it just browns up to quickly.

Dashimaki Tamago

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Today I will finally try and make some


japanese omelette…