2012 – fuck yeah!

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Not usually the one to do a years review – but as this was a particularly good year, here it goes!

I learned how to skydive and completed 39 skydives this year, bringing my total up to 41! I had my scary moments, but overall the pure awesomeness of jumping from a plane is just one of the best things I have experienced in my life so far. And in the end it all comes down to have some friends with you to share the experience! Thanks again Dima!



And it’s also awesome to have some friends to provide you with awesome soundtracks for your videos 🙂 http://soundcloud.com/mljt if you want to hear some more of this music

Then I had an awesome holiday in Dubai with my girlfriend. I ate my bodyweight in humous, had some wonderful alone time and experienced an unforgettable day at a waterpark and one of the best dinners of my life at a Nobu restaurant. You can see parts of our day at the waterpark here below.

I then started a new job in February after six years in the old job. Short summary: Learned a lot, worked a lot, met new people, some of whom are starting to get good friends. On the Travel part: 25 car rentals, same amount of train tickets (I’d guess) and hotel reservations. Several awesome parties. A very good decision.

I also moved into my new flat and found out how much whisky I acquired over the years and had stored away in numerous boxes. Some happy times this year, trying to taste one or the other of these whiskies 🙂


As most of you know I enjoy making the odd star wars lego stop motion video around christmas time. unfortunately the 2011 christmas video turned out to be full of bugs in the production phase and didn’t meet my personal quality control – so it took some time until I built the whole thing up again but this time with some help from friends. A very fun and very drunk weekend – and we had our awesome video! Next year we will have the ultimate masterpiece – the victory class star destroyer!


I also got the opportunity to take part in the BMW driving experience! Several models including the 328, 335 and M3 – a fun day out, I managed to drive the fastest time from our company group AND made my passenger puke – I take that as a compliment!



Apart from all this stuff I had some awesome short getaway brakes at Lago Maggiore, a long weekend in Paris and overall so much good time!

I pushed myself far beyond my existing limits and in the process learned new abilities and more about myself than I had previously thought possible. I never used to be a fast driver on a racetrack before, always coming second to last – this year I managed to score first. 2012 was a good year! And I am guessing 2013 will be even more awesome!