Il primo limoncello

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After reading about this in magazine about 12 years ago while on a holiday in Italy and wanting to this for about the same amount of time I have finally started the first step of making my own limoncello.

It’s quite a simple recipe :

  • 1 Litre 95% proof alcohol,
  • 11 lemons
  • 800 g sugar
  • 1 l of water

So – on my last skydiving trip down to Italy I bought a bottle of 95% proof alcohol as the price per litre down there is around 10€ and can be bought in any supermarket. Try getting that in Germany – only in a pharmacy and not below 60€ per litre.



So – on Saturday I finally sat down and removed the zest of the lemons, quite carefully as not to peel of any of the white rind, which adds a bitter taste to the finished product.


I then filled the zest into a big bottle and added the alcohol. So far – so simple. Now – after about 30 hours later, the alcohol has already started to turn slightly yellow and parts of the zest have come off.

CameraZOOM-20130505095402090 CameraZOOM-20130505095314026

Now I have to wait for about two weeks and then I will add the self made sirup from the water and sugar. I will actually have to go through quite a few different types of recipes I think. They vary from 600 g of sugar up to 1200 and also varying amounts of water – no idea how sweet or strong I want to have the finished product… I will keep you updated.


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