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I got quite a few Mercedes as rentals in the last weeks. I really like what they did in the last years from a design aspect. Far more agressive, they dropped all that round and squishiness from their design. I got a GLK, a C 220 CDI, a C 180 CGI and a E 200.

From a driving point of view – veeeery soft. The suspension sometime is like sitting in a  boat, nothing compared to the sportiness of BMW. On the Autobahn it’s quite good, the steering gets very stable, which is good during high speeds. which amazed me most with big cars like the E or the GLK was the easiness of steering at low speeds in the city. I’m quite used to manhandling my private 3 series BMW and suddenly having a car which you can turn with your small finger was a very different experience. My girlfriend liked this, tho 😉

And the thing that annoys me most is the electronics and in car media etc. It looks quite nice, especially the cockpit. black and white, very clear. Really thumbs up. I actually prefer this over my own car! but but but…. the electronics… the media interface, the connections…. first of all – no AUX in – at least not without a proprietary connection cable… which is obviously always missing in rental cars… Oh I long for that day, when I am the first person to drive a rental merc… I am so going to steal that cable :)))

Furthermore… to many buttons on the console in the middle… to heavy, to big…. more of the oak desk than the sleek laptop 😉 but then again – it’s a merc ^-^


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