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Making my limoncello has finally finished! One or two weeks ago I removed the lemon/alcohol solution from the bottle and did the final mixing steps. First of all I had to do some calculations as I had no idea which concentration of alcohol, sugar and water I wanted to achieve in the final product.

There are so many limoncello recipes out there – and they will all produce obviously different tastes and end products. But I had no idea which ingredient would influence the taste in which way so I made up different batches of sirup (with a sugar content of 31%-45%) based on the recipes i had found online.





I let the sirup cool down and meanwhile removed the lemon-alcohol from the lemon zest. there was a very strong lemon stell present – surprise!

I then measured out the alcohol for my three sirup batches – 38% and roughly 60% (which I may further reduce in alcohol content at one point) and poured into the waiting bottles.CameraZOOM-20130604115557243CameraZOOM-20130604115528180


The best thing was that my measurements which I had calculated seemed to add up perfectly to this point! Most websites seem to calcluate the wrong density of sugar, but the 1,6 conversion rate (100 ml sugar = 62,5 g) gave me roughly the quantity of sirup I needed.

So – then the alcohol and the sirup was mixed – the bottles labeled and then put into the freezer to mature for a bit more and really mix those two ingredients! In about two weeks time we will have a tasting session to see which one of the six versions actually tastes best!


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