Schrödinger’s Train Seat

August 24, 2012 by
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Sometimes random strangers can be very interesting and nice. Sitting in a totally overfilled bullet train going to the south of Germany. Sitting down on a space which will be occupied after the next station.

Next station. Six places in the compartment, two occupied. One of them mine. Wave after wave of new passengers arrive and ask if the middle now unreserves space is available. Yes and no – if nobody arrives and wants my reserved – then yes, if somebody arrives its mine ^_^ ah logic. Classic Schrödinger’s situation. Two outcomes but we don’t which one yet.

Some guy decides to take the risk and sits down on my possible seat. The train fills up and then -alas- somebody has the reservation for the one I am sitting on.

I pack my stuff – ready to leave the compartment and the guy sitting on my theoretical space gets up and actually gives it back to me.

Faith in random strangers restored!


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