Zombies, Run!

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After having my Galaxy Nexus finally fixed – I dropped it and the screen went fubar – I finally got around to install „Zombies, Run!“

I like most things Zombie related, so an app combining Zombies and motivating me to work out more seemed just the thing. And it is.

To point out fairly I havent even finished the first Mission, but I already have a few improvements.

  • Atmosphere
    I’m lacking background noise. I usually run without music, so I wouldn’t mind some noise, like the sound of foot steps, creaking noises or sounds telling me where I am. Am I out in the open, near a river, inside somewhere.
    Also while I like the people reading, I’d like some more sound effects as well.
  • Individuality
    Yes, I know. It’s called zombies RUN, but I would like to have some choice of sport. Cycling to work for example. Also: Gaining XP Points for my activities would be pretty cool!
    Which brings me to the next point – timeframe. It would be cool to pre define a running time. 10 minutes while walking to work or cycling. You don’t even need a full story, more something like a xp gain quest to collect some items.
    Also this could give me some way to have a complete story in my workout time. Sometimes I have 30 minutes. Sometime an hour. Perhps I could tell the system how much time I have and the stories are eddited accordingly.
  • Treadmills
    Not everybody lives near a nice running stretch outdoors. So sometimes or all of the time you have to use a treadmill. It would be nice to track those too. Just give me some input fields on distance and time.

Other from that – I love the idea. Stuff like this brings us closer to holodecks.

Anything is possible!

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Nice Video from Southsidebase, Germany – Awesome!


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Company summer fest last friday: Redecorating a room for a good cause (check), having way to many drinks (check) and having a bit of luck at the rental lottery – actually they had given me a vw passat, but a colleauge needed a car with 4 seats, so he traded me his TT… nothing I’d buy, but at least I have that of the list of cars to drive ^-^

then flew over to england the next day, three hours of sleep and then a shoddy little turboprop – bumpy ride, jeez, felt like shit, but then I guess I deserved that 🙂 Got an upgrade, rented a Corsa, got a Golf GTI – which I had in better recollection power wise, but I guess coming from a bmw 3 series and just from a TT, it’s kind of the same leauge, needless to say… still better than a corsa. in the evening Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Live Radio Show with original cast back from the days. that was pretty sweet and lots of fun. (http://www.hitchhikerslive.com/) and the next evening back to germany – last people to board, plane started moving before we even sat down! awesome timing!

Dashimaki Tamago – My own turn

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After Isnochys challenged me to record my omelette making attempt: Here is the according video. Astonishing how easy it actually is to use that pan. I even gave it a second try on saturday and made some pancakes out of it. Still need some adjusting on the heat, it just browns up to quickly.

Dashimaki Tamago

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Today I will finally try and make some


japanese omelette…

Fuck that shit!

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People are awesome!!!!

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Happy Towel Day

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4 in a row

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I’m having a SUV -shitty useless vehicles, as I like to call them now- stretch with Sixt at the moment. yesterday was number four in a row, after a Ford Kuga, two Subaru Foresters and now yesterday a Merc GLK. While I really  like an offroad car – on the beach in Australia – they are kind of crappy cars for the german Autobahn – they are dead slow, use lots of fuel (over 11 liters of diesel for the merc) and I think they are more of an disadvantage as opposed to a „normal“ non elevated car. At least the whole testdriving via car rentals is a good way never to buy one of those by mistake.

i’ll stick with my 3 series 🙂


Boba Fett RW Suit – May the fourth be with you!

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As I am progressing step by step in my skydiving career it’s time to think about getting a RW suit at some time… And this puts me before a hard choice.. At first I was thinking about some Black/Red Design, then about something themed on Fireball from the old Anime series Saber Rider…. But then the ultimate idea came to me…. Boba Fett…. Especially if you get a rig for yourself and then you could give the whole thing a nice Slave II Design to it….

So here is my doodling for a Boba Fett Jump Suit:


Yes, I know – lots of artistic freedom here… But hey. Still needs to jumpable and who knows which colours that company can aktually come up with. Maybe I will just be inspired and go for orange instead of that sand colour… who knows.

Now for the harness / container. Again there is lots of rust, grey and green in there and the Atom Legend R2 actually offers quite a choice of camouflage designs… the brown I am going with orange… Allthough it could be yellow aswell. Also on the Boba Suit… Got inspired by Boba’s ship: Slave II.

And then for the main canopy. Going with orange as a brown is not available, green again and some grey:

And that’s my „May the Fourth be with you“ post ^-^

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